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Eastern Tibet Self-Help Project in Dru-gu, Tibet. Specific projects include a mobile health clinic, a home for the elderly, and art programs.

Tara Vir Dru-gu Retreat Center in Tara Vir, Nepal. Scholarships for students/practitioners needed.

Tibetan Cultural Heritage Foundation, (Tibet Lions) for the preservation of Tibetan art, culture, and philosophy. This project is still in the planning phase and not yet ready to receive funding.

Drukpa Kagyu Lineage Archives, in co-ordination with Jangchub Jong Buddhist Institute,for the translation and publication of Dharma texts, in particular of the Drukpa Kagyu Lineage.

Environmental Rehabilitation in the Dru-gu region.

Reforestation, planting and a wildlife protection program are part of our efforts to restore the once beautifully wooded wildlife habitat of Dru-gu region. New trees, gardens, and other natural plantings are being introduced. Once in place, the initial cost of maintaining these plantings will be approximately $113.00 (US) a month, $1,356.00 (US) annually; this will pay for the salaries of two 'landscape attendants'. Because uninterrupted care is essential for successful establishment of new vegetation, this project benefits greatly from a long-term commitment of financial aid.


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